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Efficiency Ratings: Hub Sites Web sites
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Site Industry Industry
Efficiency By Type
1. 1. Microsoft Network Hub Sites 1/6 91.07%-1.45% 97% 67% 97%
2. 2. ZDNet Hub Sites 2/6 88.60%+1.11% 96% 74% 62%
3. 3. CNet Hub Sites 3/6 86.76%-0.46% 98% 73% 68%
4. 4. CMPnet Hub Sites 4/6 86.42%-0.04% 95% 75% 76%
5. 5. ZDNet UK Hub Sites 5/6 84.07%+0.20% 94% 73% 82%
6. 6. Imagine Publishing Hub Sites 6/6 65.83%+0.00% 97% 66% 37%

Methodology:  Up to 100 pages from the top three levels of each Web site were loaded and checked for excessive comments. The graphics referenced by those pages were also loaded and compared to reductions produced by OptiView. Each page or image was only counted once, no matter how often that URL was referenced. The site efficiency rating is derived by combining the efficiency of the home page level with the efficiency of all objects loaded from all levels of the site. For duplicate graphics served on two or more distinct URLs, the additional URLs are rated at zero efficiency.

Industry Groups:
Art   Entertainment   Investing   Real Estate   Sports  
Car   Games   ISP/Hosting   Science   OptiView 50  
Career   Government   INET Utility   Search/Guide    
Business   Hardware   News   Shopping    
Web Designers   Hub Sites   Politics   Software    

A rating of "75% efficient" means 1 out of every 4 bytes served is wasted.  A reasonable goal is 95% overall efficiency, with HTML at 98% and every graphic at 90% or better. 

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